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Humble Tripe
Upcoming Release: Counting Stars
Release Date: 03/23/2010

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In many ways, Humble Tripe’s music is more of an experience than a sound. It’s the warmth of a patch of light in the late afternoon. It’s the brush of leaves during a walk in the woods. It’s the wind in your hair on the beach. Essentially, Humble Tripe’s music is an organic extension of the natural world, a quiet expression of a precise moment in time. Shawn Luby’s vocals embrace tender, plaintive melodies that waver between introspection and jubilance, capturing the liminality of love, exhilaration, and the many spaces in between. There’s a distinctly southern current that runs through the band’s debut album, Counting Stars, and it manifests in the throb of banjos and harmonicas. But amidst the back porch jam session aesthetic there’s a history of classical training, eclecticism and worldliness — Luby comes from the world of competitive classical guitar and Kadji Amin boasts a title as a former first-chair trumpeter, while drummer Melissa York brings self-taught, post-punk drumming, Stud Green stands as the string aficionado and Jess Shell plays thumb harp, gamalan and other percussion.

-by Linnie Greene 


“The voice of Shawn Luby, who leads Humble Tripe, is rich like loam, its low tones gilded above by incandescent flashes of something a bit feminine. Think a sonorous young Dylan migrating to Anacortes, Wash., and singing with more soul than everybody else in that lo-fi land.” -- Grayson Currin, Independent Weekly

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